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Can't sleep at night? Relax Melodies is designed to be the most effective Sleep-Aid application to help you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed. Relax, take a deep breath and join us on a restful journey to sleep!

Enjoy a wide variety of nature sounds, white noises, guided meditations, bedtime stories, brain waves, mind-body exercises and breathing techniques that you can mix and match to create your own bedtime experience. We work with sleep experts to ensure that our content and techniques will help you overcome insomnia, tinnitus, nighttime anxiety and reduce your daily stress.

You'll fall in love with sleep when you join our community of 50 million happy sleepers that we help to calm, fall asleep and relax you every night. Sweet dreams!

Large sound library
Guided meditation and sleep meditation programmes
Bedtime stories for everyone
Sleep Moves with or without pillow
Breathing techniques
And more!

People love Relax Melodies:
Editors' choice on Google Play
** Voted best health and fitness application ** - MUX 2018
** It's like a GPS telling you how to fall asleep ** - The Guardian
** Best application for insomnia ** - Healthline

🌖Sons of sleep, brain waves and white noise:
Explore our selection of over 200 soothing sounds, music, rhythms and tones specially designed by our in-house experts to help you fall asleep. Mix them together to create your own soundscapes:

The library includes:
* Nature sounds: wind, rustling leaves, birds, crackling fire
* White noise: hair dryer, aeroplane, dryer, hoover, fan noise
* Water sounds: rainstorm, ocean, slow waves, lapping water
* Meditation music: voices, instruments, ambient melodies
* Isochronic brain waves: 2.5 Hz, 4 Hz, 5 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz
* Binaural beats: 2.5 Hz, 4 Hz, 5 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz, 20 Hz...

🌖 Guided meditation programmes and sleep meditations:
Add a sleep meditation to your soundscape to calm your mind and guide you to deep sleep. Choose from over 160 meditations created specifically to help you relax and fall asleep.

Themes included:
* Restorative sleep
* Going back to sleep
* Visualization
* Recognition
* Tinnitus relief
* Relief of stress and anxiety
* Deep sleep
* Taking a nap
* The kingdoms of dreams ...
🌖 Bedtime stories
Embark on a journey with our bedtime stories told in soothing voices and written especially to send you to dreamland.

Themes included:
* Fairy Tale
* Mystery
* Science fiction
* Fantasy
* Non-fiction

🌖SleepMoves: Move. Breathe. Sleep
Discover our SleepMoves, a series of mind-body exercises and relaxation techniques developed in collaboration with sleep professionals. Let yourself be guided by gentle movements that plunge you into a deep sleep.

* Mini: to help you relax quickly.
* Together: relax as a couple with this relaxation routine.
* Travel: Overcome jet lag and homesickness.
* Recharging time: Drains excess energy
* Harmony: find your balance and refocus yourself

🌖 Breathing techniques: sound breathing by day and night
Achieve specific goals such as reducing your anxiety or clearing your mind with our sound breathing. Combining breathing exercises and soothing sounds, they will take your mind off your worries!

Themes included:
* Taking a break
* De-Stress
* Empty your mind
* Falling asleep

Also included:
Bedtime reminder: set one each night for a more restful sleep.
Timer: stop the application after a set period of time.
And more!

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Good morning sleepers! Clean up your worries with the help of our new water sounds. Studies have shown that nature sounds, especially water sounds, are effective in reducing stress levels. In honour of World Mental Health Day, we wanted to bring you the soothing power of water. Enjoy our 10 new water sounds and sleep well.



2020-09-30 02:54:10

Thanks to my autism, I have extremely sensitive hearing, which has only worsened recently due to stress. I have found that a certain combination of sounds on this application never fails to melt me when the noise of the world around me becomes too loud. Although I know it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, I found that it did not ...

Abigail Armstrong

2020-09-25 12:40:52

Literally the best app I have found after years, YEARS, of trouble sleeping or even getting my mind to calm down. There is a right fit for everyone within this app... soothing sounds, amazing meditations, bedtime stories that wisk you away into serenity. I even have mixes to boost my focus at work. ...

Brandon Phelps

2020-07-17 01:45:09

Sleeps deeper than with any other sound. We have used a fan in our room for years to help us sleep. I downloaded this app and used it on holiday when we didn't have room to pack the huge fan. Using a combination of white, brown and other noises, including the Dreams frequency, we slept soundly ...

Erin Braun

2020-07-15 02:35:53

It really helped me to relax and fall asleep quickly. I love the way you can create your own mix. Not too busy with just a few sounds and I like that you can choose the intensity of each sound. I use the free application and it's exactly what I needed. The four stars are because of the expensive index ...

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